Since I’m posting all those I should post this one with Riv too! #jinxselfies
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Selfie everytime I see @simplyhai haha. Thanks dude!
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Obligatory selfie with turtle post-game. For the record I helped him win ok. #lcs
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At #LCS!! Hey look turtle is playing as #Jinx!
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Also redid my #nails with some #sallyhansen #gelstrips and just look at that #gel shine! πŸ’…βœ¨
I don’t think I will ever be able to fall out of love with the city lights. #latergram #DTLA
Posted on June/17/2014
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Oh yeah, so since the mic on my old #afterglow #gaming headset broke under warranty…#pdp was awesome enough to send me a brand new set of their #prismatic headset! Kinda wish I could have gotten the white ones but can’t complain about a free upgrade. :) Will finally be able to stream properly again soon!!!
They’re already like a week old and chipping now… But I got all laced up! ;) #sallyhansen #nailstrips #nails
Actually really loving this new style :)
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New look fresh start πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‡ #shavedsideintensifies
I want to go back here already! This hotel room was like an apartment fosho πŸ‘Œ #standardDTLA (at The Standard, Downtown LA)
Posted on May/30/2014
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And some new hardware!
Leather nails and my latest fave leather clutch. #nailsinc #leathernails


me: i wonder how naruto will endΒ 

kishimoto: me too

(via dulceaphel)

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