what’s the point of anything anymore


Can’t wait to have a regular sleep schedule again. Not even a normal one.. a regular one would be nice. Body, please be kind!

"Who were you before they broke your heart"
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Dynamic Duo

Tumblr also apparently does not want me to post gifs. Okay fine I’ll find it elsewhere >:(Β 


When can I move in?
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As some of you might already have guessed, I’m a fan of Japanese girl idols. One of the many, many idol groups in existence today in Japan is NMB48, a Osaka-based spin-off group of the (in)famous AKB48. NMB has a weekly show that’s surprisingly entertaining as well as educational called NMB to…

#tbt to #Vegas last summer. Watch out, Sin City. This weekend I will be in you. πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ²πŸƒπŸΉπŸŽ°
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The ghetto gaming life while still unpacking from moving

I’m going to PAX, by the way!! HMU if you’re going too!

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