Home.  (at Los Angeles, California)
Original Starbucks logo! Super cool to see outside an actual store! (at Pike Place Market)
Mini mango brûlée from dinner last night at The Keg in Bellevue. I’m going to miss the food up in Seattle so much! Until next year.  (at The Keg Steakhouse)
Finished for the most part! I want to cosplay jinx today but it’s cold out… But I haven’t cosplayed all weekend :( but but but #cosplayerproblems #PAX
Old man Lifeforger can’t hang but it’s time to finish up my props for Jinx anyways for tomorrow. Boo. :C
2nd game of NA #LCS semifinals!! This is what I’m really at #PAX #prime for ;)
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what’s the point of anything anymore


Can’t wait to have a regular sleep schedule again. Not even a normal one.. a regular one would be nice. Body, please be kind!

"Who were you before they broke your heart"
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Dynamic Duo

Tumblr also apparently does not want me to post gifs. Okay fine I’ll find it elsewhere >:( 


When can I move in?
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